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Northern Lights

Leadership Development Associate (2024)

Karachi, Pakistan

Permanent, full-time
DHA, Karachi
Leadership Development 
May, 2024

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Program Owner for all development programs from new leader, mid-level leaders to senior leaders. This role includes needs analysis, planning, managing the design and development cycles, driving execution and assessing impact. 

  • Define and drive a comprehensive roadmap for the leadership programs that integrate the various needs for a leader to develop themselves and grow.  

  • Design and develop content for workshops, tools and resources that support learning and drive application specifically for, but not limited to people managers and leaders. 

  • Support the delivery of live and virtual learning for people managers and general business leadership. 

  • Act as an expert co-facilitator and support Trainer as required. 

  • Partner with the client L&D team and to align on strategic projects, business impact and quality outcomes of programs. 

  • Manage team members and stakeholders as necessary to support leadership development efforts. 


  • An Undergraduate degree, masters degree preferred

  • Relevant experience is a plus or a strong desire and capability to learn  

  • Designed and delivered a range of learning interventions to support managers and leaders. 

  • Strong experience in co-facilitating live and virtual workshops and training.

  • Credible business partner who can drive execution. 

  • Collaborative team player with a strong focus on delivering to create impact. 

Key Performance Indicators

  • Key Performance Indicators are focused on our mission statement. Helping you grow…  

  • Further details of the KPI are as follows: 

  • Timely and regular production of high-quality content for Leadership programs Participant Experience  

  • Enrollment Targets  

  • Repeat Enrollments from Clients  

  • Client Experience  


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