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Our Mission


We have worked with Global Fortune 100s as well as small single city operations spanning from the Americas to the Far East.
Regardless of the size, location and nature, we have cherished each relationship and are proud to share that we have often been described as the “missing link” or “value multiplier” by our clients.
At A.I. MIR we believe that an organization's long term success is determined by its ability to create Customer Capital. We know this essential form of Capital is created through four other kinds of Capital that include: Leadership; Talent; Organization; and Brand.
This is why our Service Framework is designed to help our clients Innovate and grow all five of these critical assets. 
Our team includes a diverse set of professionals that partner with our clients and apply our methodologies. This mix creates a synergy that helps further our client's objectives.
The team is comprised of researchers, designers, developers, business analysts, subject matter experts, consultants, trainers and seasoned industry leaders. 
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