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At A.I. Mir we offer global experience and local knowledge to help you succeed in any public or private business environment. With more insightful business perspectives, we help focus your strengths, push your capabilities and innovate for the future.

Our Strategy Development, Implementation and Change Management teams focus on helping our clients create and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

Our team uses valid and reliable methods to study an organization's culture. We identify gaps between the existing and the desired culture and help cultivate a culture that fosters innovation and growth.

Our team offers deep know how of the mega trends and how they will shape the future as well as the behaviors, processes and practices that lead to innovative outcomes. This helps us in facilitating our client teams in uncovering the truth; in coming up with innovative solutions; then testing these solutions to see if they actually work; and bringing these innovations to life. 


Our team of HR Consultants has helped develop HR systems anew, align them with strategic priorities and develop HR capabilities to take organizations to the next level of progress.
Some of our key HR service areas include HR Strategy Development, Performance Management, Organization Capability Management and Development, Building a Talent Brand, Talent Sourcing and Selection, Job Profiling, Job Evaluation, Competency Frameworks, Learning Design and Succession Planning.

Our work with respect to performance management starts with helping our clients define their strategic framework. We then design the performance management system that will work best keeping in mind the organization's priorities, business model and internal and external realities. Then the continuous performance practices of planning, driving and evaluating begins. 
Our teams have helped in the identification of lead measures and the frequency with which they need to be monitored are worked upon; Vertical and Horizontal Alignment of KPIs; and integrating the performance management systems with other HR systems such Development and Total Rewards. 


We believe in the Experience Economy. That experience is the true differentiator. This is why we help build memorable employee and customer experiences. 
Connect with our team to explore how to design and blend the future of your company's physical and digital experiences. 

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