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Distance Learning

Innovate. Captivate. Differentiate.

Enter the new Augmented world

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust, as cited in Schell, 2008, p. xxv).

In order to bring to our clients the best form of learning and in ensuring lasting impact, AI Mir introduces the use of augmented reality to learn the immersive way.

Training on the job and retraining of employees is made much simpler by using augmented reality in training, as the immersive nature of the technology gives the learners the opportunity to experience situations for themselves, rather than just learning through passive observation. This leads to higher engagement and an increase in motivation.
Which visually tells a story of the customer's relationship with a product, service, brand, or organization over time. We believe that mapping the customer's journey brings the experience to life for everyone within the organization which helps them understand it and improve it. Not only does journey mapping help identify the gaps at each point but also the customers' preferences, satisfaction level, and customer effort score. It helps to continuously measure and improve the experience at each touch point and orient, train, and develop the customer service team. 

Then we create awareness by analyzing customer preferences at identified touchpoints.
Once the customer journey map, of a particular firm has been determined, we have to discover how the customer feels about it so that changes and improvements can be made accordingly. This can be done by gathering data through both traditional and innovative research techniques and drawing actionable insights from the data gathered. The data gathering is carried out by multiple methods: focus group discussions, surveys, mystery shopping, shop along, or footfall counting in the case of brand examples.
The insights drawn from the data gathered is displayed in real-time on dashboards that help businesses empathize with customers and lets them make changes accordingly.
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