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A Suite of People and Culture Assessments

Objective of the Leaderistiks methodology is to help organizations make effective people decisions. This is achieved by getting to know people at a deeper level and predicting their behavior and performance. The aim of the Leaderistiks Certification Program is to transfer the know-how to certified practitioners who will use the methodology and its various tools to make better people and culture management decisions.

You will learn how predictive analytics can be used to make informed HR decisions.



Team & Culture Profiling




Cognitive Ability Profiling



Be certified in the use of the Leaderisitiks Methodologies. You will learn how predictive analytics can be used to make informed HR decisions.

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The Leaderistiks Behavioral Profile provides insights in the following areas:

  • An individual’s primary motivators

  • How someone prefers to learn and work

  • The level of stress a person is currently experiencing

  • How a person can be effectively coached and managed

  • The strengths and development needs of individuals

  • Their preferred communication and leadership style

  • The kind of work one is likely to excel in

  • How someone prefers to make decisions

  • What value someone is likely to bring to a team and organization

  • What is likely to bring out the best in someone

  • A person’s approach to managing relationships

  • How a person is likely to respond to pressure

  • What is likely to irritate someone

  • How one is flexing their natural style to meet the demands of the situation they are in

The Profile also provides discussion questions for Leaders, HR Professionals, and Consultants for interview or development purposes.

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The Leaderistiks Job Profile helps identify the behaviors required for success in a job. The system also provides practitioners the ability to define the cognitive ability requirements of a job. Together these form a strong predictor of performance in a given job. Comparison reports provide details about the level of fitness of a candidate for a particular job. The profile provides specific probing interview questions that can be asked to deepen the understanding of each candidate’s fit for the job as well as inform development decisions. Job Profiling helps remove bias by enabling candidate vs job comparisons instead of simply comparing a candidate vs another candidate.

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Keeping in view the organization’s and team's objectives for the foreseeable future, the team culture profile helps organizations in defining the ideal organization and team culture. Practitioners are equipped with the tools to identify gaps between the ideal vs. actual culture and how to develop and maintain the right culture.


With the innovative dashboard, practitioners can see the strengths and blind spots of their teams. The Leaderistiks Certification Program will equip practitioners with the tools they need to develop effective culture change management strategies.


Practitioners will be able to identify how one team member can be more effective with other team members. They will also be able to guide leaders on how they can bring out the best in each team member.


Another dimension of the certification is providing information on how conflict can be effectively managed amongst team members.

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Emotional Intelligence is often referred to as the competency of the stars. It’s the great differentiator. Assuming behavioral and capability fit, higher level of emotional intelligence is likely to lead to better performance.

The Leaderistiks Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profile measures four composites and sixteen factors of emotional intelligence. The composites and factors help individuals understand where they stand when it comes to their emotional intelligence and what they need to do to enhance each aspect of their emotional intelligence.

The four composites include Emotional Mindset, Understanding Self and others, Mastering Self, and Mastering Self with others.


The primary use of the Leaderistiks EQ Profile is to help with leadership and people development. The profile is a comprehensive report that includes individualized recommendations for each of the 16 factors.

A version of the report can also be used in an interview to understand each factor at a deeper level. The interview version of the report provides specific questions for each candidate which are based on the assessment they have completed.

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The Leaderistiks cognitive ability assessments help measure how an individual will perceive, organize, retain, and use information. Collectively, the assessments are an indicator of a person’s responsiveness to development initiatives and overall learning agility. Some of the areas of cognition assessed include:

  1. Perceptual speed

  2. Verbal reasoning

  3. Numerical reasoning

  4. Verbal interpretation

  5. Spatial visualization

One of the key aspects of the Cognitive Ability assessments is to measure an individual’s level of fluid intelligence.


Practitioners will be able to effectively administer the assessments and interpret the findings and reports.


The assessments predict performance in specific aspects of the job such as the ability to solve problems, negotiate, and communicate effectively amongst many others.

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The Leaderistiks engagement survey helps measure engagement validly and accurately.


During the certification, you will learn about how to measure engagement, interpret the findings, and make recommendations to improve engagement levels.


Certification also provides you with access to the culture edition of People.Partner.* You can use the system to measure engagement using the Leaderistiks drivers or then build a customized engagement survey using your own set of drivers and questions.


The system provides the flexibility to measure engagement continuously by selecting the number and frequency of questions to be asked.

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The certification will equip you with the ability to administer the Leaderistiks 360 and interpret the detailed report. The Leaderistiks 360 can be used for the following reasons:

  1. Assessing how effectively someone is at specific leadership competencies

  2. Identifying the importance of specific competencies for a  job

  3. Assessing readiness for specific leadership positions

  4. Understanding the usage level (overuse or underuse) of a competency by a leader

  5. Identify the hidden strengths and blind spots of leaders

  6. Unearthing the perceptual gaps among team members

  7. Create individualized development plans for leaders

  8. Measures 47 leadership competencies that are clubbed into 12 factors and 4 leadership composites.

In addition to the detailed report, the results can also be viewed in dash lets within the system.

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Blended Learning will include:

  • Self-paced Learning

  • Social Learning

  • Gamified Learning

  • 8 Instructor-led Live Sessions 


  • Total Time Investment - 4 weeks

  • Each Instructor-led Live session will be 60-90 mins.

  • Live Sessions will be held at two different time slots to accommodate people from different time zones 


The Certification will include:

  • Pre-work

  • Interactive & Immersive Learning

  • Gamification

  • Quizes and Assignments

  • Learning Applications


  • The online access to the course will be available for up to 4 weeks.

  • Resources can be downloaded for future reference

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