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Accelerate your Development Journey.

Join our Leadership Programs.


At A.I. MIR we believe that an organization's Leadership, People, and Culture are its true source of innovation, growth and long term success. We work with clients and partners who share this belief and want to have a meaningful impact on the world.


Our consulting work focuses on building five forms of Capital. These are, Leadership, Talent, Organization, Brand and Customer Capital. We help our clients in identifying suitable organization strategies and cultivating a culture that fosters growth and innovation; in acquiring, developing and managing of their Talent as well as Developing Systems, Processes, and Practices that enable Peak Performance; and building brands that command value.  We help bring the customer's voice to the board room and help our clients turn their customers into their advocates. 


At A.I. MIR, we believe in evidence based development. We design, develop, deliver, and evaluate learning experiences that result in desired outcomes for our clients. Some of the learning experiences include Development Journeys, Coaching Sessions, Focused Classroom Learning, eLearning, Learning Follow ups, Conferences and Events.


We welcome you to connect with our team and learn more about some of our celebrated programs and their outcomes. 


We believe that a better employee experience leads to a better customer experience. Enabling technologies allow teams to focus on their core work. This is why our teams are dedicated to constantly innovating our HR, Learning and Assessment Solutions.


Talk to our team about People.Partners - a revolutionary HR system; the Culture Edition - a game changer in the world of assessments, feedback and managing your culture; or our Performance Management System that helps organizations plan, drive and manage performance. 


Our clients outsource their work to us because of one reason – TRUST! They know that they can rely on us to partner with them and help increase their:

Focus on strategic tasks by outsourcing non-strategic work to us;

Capability by having our specialized teams carry out tasks for them;

Reach by utilizing our global network to source, select and manage mobility of their talent and leadership team;

Profitability by leveraging our Smart Sourcing techniques and existing relationships;

Efficiency by having specialized teams and systems work to their advantage and carry out tasks better and quicker; and

Flexibility by using our non-commitment model where we work with you by earning to stay in the relationship instead of having you make legal commitments.


"Your work is miles ahead of anyone else. When asked what is exciting at our Company, we always show them A.I MIR's Work."

Head of HR- Personal Care Company

"We value A.I MIR's Partnership which helped us to increase the intangible assets - Brand, Talent and Leadership of our organization and we look forward to working with them to achieve new milestones."

Head of Strategy- Pharmaceutical Company

"Thank you for the wonderful experience. Your work always exceeds our expectations."

Head of HR- Retail

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