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The Commercial Academy focuses not only on the ‘learning’ aspect of training but also focuses on ‘doing.’


The Commercial Academy is a part of our development journey offerings that allow companies to train employees working at different levels of the organization.  The Commercial Academy can be: customized to meet client’s needs, integrated with learning management systems, and can also be offered as a stand-alone service.

Research has shown that in order to improve employee learning, it is important for organizations to provide flexible learning options to their employees, especially in light of the time constraints that the modern employee faces.

Our offerings are designed to provide just that. Mobile applications, e-learning tools, web-based learning, year-long modules, and modules which enable learning in short bursts of time provide the learning flexibility that is needed. Moreover, our Commercial Academy modules can be integrated with Learning Management Systems to provide 24/7 availability, interactivity, and global accessibility to employees working all over the world.


The content of Commercial Academy is designed in a manner that caters to the needs of all types of learners, ranging from visual, aural, verbal, and written material, to physical content – experiential exercises and simulations for holistic learning. The Commercial Academy focuses not only on the ‘learning’ aspect of training but also focuses on ‘doing’. To achieve this, A.I. MIR has developed a 3-step program focusing on: ‘Learn, Love, and Live.’


The Commercial Academy can be used to cater to a vast variety of organizational vocational as well as soft skills training needs which include: sales effectiveness, distributor management, and effective time management, among others.

Interested in using the Commercial Academy?


Interested in using the Commercial Academy?

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