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Improving your Human Resource planning for better business results

Perf mnmnt
We have often found Performance Management being treated as a once-a-year transaction. Some understand it to be a technical exercise including the form, scales, rating criterion, and competencies. To us, Performance Management is the way to manage a business.

These are just some of the benefits that our clients have experienced when using our proprietary methods and system. In short, through an effective performance management system, we help execute Strategies.
It helps align goals and objectives;
  • Communicates and clarifies expectations
  • Strengthens relationships through meaningful feedback provision
  • Helps build a culture of trust, candor, and performance
  • Keeps the Competency Framework alive through continuous development
  • Aids Talent Development and Continuous Improvement through
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Provides focus and flexibility by identifying, measuring and monitoring the right KPIs.
Competencies are the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform a job. They are contextual and answer the question, “What does performance look like in a specific context?”

Competencies are often defined in terms of Proficiency Level so that an assessment against the competencies is possible. This means that Proficiency Scales are used to define the levels.
In this sense, competencies are observable and therefore can be defined in terms of the following contexts:
  • Core competencies that are relevant for and apply to the entire organization
  • Level-based competencies that apply to specific levels of the organization e.g., Executive, Mid-level, Team leader, and Individual Contributor
  • Functional competencies that relate to a particular function or department
  • Job competencies that are relevant for a particular role or job.

The cornerstone of effective succession management is to match your future needs with the aspirations and abilities of your team members. Our approach will help you implement a plan to ensure your business thrives sustainably.

Creating development experiences such as mentoring, inclusion in planning and decision-making, shadowing, simulations, project management, and measurement are all a critical part of this process. And then finally a rigorous method of selecting the right leader. This includes a compatibility, capability, and suitability analysis. 
Rewards and Recognition are critical ingredients of success.
We help organizations develop and implement creative and unique reward and recognition campaigns that are aligned with their culture and business objectives. Our process helps to create buy-in from the employees and leaders as they will need to own the program for it to have a positive effect on the bottom line.
Exit interviews
High staff turnover is costly because recruiting and training new staff is costly.  Exit interviews (EIs) are a useful solution to the problem of high turnover.
By outsourcing the exit interview to us, we can assure you non biased, real time information that you can use to make real changes.
We can conduct the EIs personally, online or on the telephone, whichever is considered most convenient for our client.
What drives performance? What is the source of sustainable competitive advantage? What will either make a company great or help it perish?
Its people!
In today's workplace, people are the differentiators. Truly engaging them means that you need to have a real-time pulse of what drives them to perform and what drives them mad. This is what we help organizations understand. This is not just a once-a-year survey but an ongoing sensing of truly understanding people and taking action upon these insights. Enabling people to perform. 
Our service include continuous measurement methods, analytics, and advisory on culture creation.
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