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Finding the Right People.

We analyze and develop the Behavioral and Functional Competencies required to perform well in a given job and then use data and collective experience to validate and benchmark the job’s Capability, Compatibility, and Suitability requirements.
This helps with the choice of sourcing strategies. The same strategies don’t work for each position and often creative ways of sourcing are employed to identify the right leadership team member or talent.
  • Evaluation Criterion
  • Situation and Behavioral Interviewing
  • Psychometrics
  • Assessment Centers
Our Valid and Reliable Tools and Methods will help you make informed decisions.
Not only do we help predict behavior (see more at Assessments) but we also identify goodness of fit using Capability (Knowledge, skills, and intelligence), Compatibility (behavioral and emotional fit), and Suitability (appropriateness re organization culture) analysis.
Onboarding is about engaging new hires even before they start. It’s about inspiring pride and reducing time to productivity. Whether you are hiring new talent, promoting someone from the ranks, or brining onboard a member of the leadership team.
A.I. MIR will help you institutionalize onboarding best practices that are right for your Business, Cultural, and Situational context.
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