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The program is based on the behavioral theory of Dr. William Moulton Marston more popularly known as the DISC framework. The premise of the program is that buyers or customers exhibit diverse sets of behaviors and each of these behaviors is an indication to use a specific set of selling STYLE. Some buyers like us to be direct while others like to have fun; some like the novelty of the products and services while others rely on the proven aspects of it; some like a lot of information while others like personal talk; some like time to think while others need to negotiate. From what we gather, people will buy from people they like.

This program helps sales professional, to identify the behavioral cues and adapt their selling STYLE to match the needs of the buyer.

Program Curriculum:

  1. DISC Behavioral Framework

  2. Buyers Behavioral Cues

  3. Matching Selling STYLE

  4. Applying the Framework

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