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Most Sales People are aware of the importance of closing a sale but this program emphasizes on something of even greater value, opening a relationship!

Developing and nurturing a professional relationship is a critical competency for sales professionals. It requires a specific set of skills that can be learned and developed. The focus of the Sales Mastery program is to identify the detailed steps involved in the professional selling process, to practice ways in which these can be mastered and involves exercises that help to tailor the process for the specific situations and needs of the participants and their organizations.

The Objective of the program is to equip sales professionals with a specific set of tools, perspective, and process of mastery so that they can achieve and sustain success within their organizations. This is achieved by helping them identify the best approach for their products and services as well as the mistakes that they need to avoid. They will come away from the program looking at prospecting, contact, relationship building and objection handling, closing, and nurturing in a totally positive light mainly because they will be equipped with creative yet time tested methods to approach and positively impact each of these areas of their function.

Participants will also learn the importance of structuring their sales process and how they can best manage it for themselves and their team. They will identify the part of the process that is their strength as well as the parts that they tend to ignore or shy away from, as well as how to motivate themselves while following all of the critical elements of the Sales Process.

Program Curriculum:

  1. Selling as a process

  2. The Sales person’s mindset

  3. Process Steps and Customization

  4. Performing in the Process

  5. Dashboard

  6. Strengths & areas for further development

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