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The Leadership Essentials Program is for first time leaders and managers.


The program will enable you to:


Value expertise and talent in your team

Act decisively

Be fair and transparent

Learn how to support your team

Communicate effectively with your team

Develop result-orientation

Close to $356 billion were spent on employee training and education globally in 2015*

Three-quarters of the nearly 1,500 senior managers at 50 organizations interviewed in 2011 were dissatisfied with their companies’ learning and development function*

The LEP is designed to overcome all the prevalent gaps and develop leaders who are effective, focused, result-oriented, and team-driven.


*Beer, M., Finnström, M. and Schrader, D., 2016. Why leadership training fails—and what to do about it. Harvard Business Review, 94(10), pp.50-57.


  • Leadership Essentials is a process based learning program which is one year in duration

  • The unique benefits include measured, individualized, contextual, and periodic development.

  • The participants get the opportunity to apply the learning in the work place and measure their development as well as the benefit to the organization.

  • The Program will span 12 months and include six modules with an LTS (Learning Transfer Session) approximately 30 days after each module. 

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  • Competency Based Modules

  • Application Focus


  • Exercise Development

  • Psychometrics Integration

  • Supporting Material

  • Logistical Requirements

  • Gamification


  • Stakeholder Orientation

  • Session with Line Managers

  • Launch


  • Selecting High Impact participants

  • Presentations to Senior Leadership

  • Reward and Recognition


  • 6 Modules

  • Learning Transfer Sessions

  • Innovation Challenge

  • Action Learning Project


  • Psychometric Assessments

  • Discussion with Line Managers

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