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  • List out Positions for Review

  • Prepare / Review Job Descriptions

  • Study various International Methods (Hay, Inbucon, PA PAGE, Price Waterhourse, Wyatt and Arthur Young).

  • Study various complexity levels of Job Evaluation

  • Develop / Construct a criteria for evaluation in their organization(s)

  • Evaluate Jobs Separately 

  • Discuss and Pre-finalize Individual Evaluations in a Team

  • Present to groups and Finalize 

This workshop is based on a self developable point ranking system.The participants will work hands-on with the system and will be taken though the following steps enabling them to carry out a Job Evaluation exercise in their respective Organizations together with a in house Team.

They will also be made aware on how to: 

  • Match Evaluations with Existing Levels of Employees – Adjust to realities

  • Re-do Slabbing, Levels, Facilities – the compensation system

  • Review Job Grades Structure

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