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A Suite of people and culture assessments

Leaderistiks is designed to help you get better results from your employees. Our tools include the most accurate and most affordable assessments available today. Our secondary goal is to provide this tool to you at the most affordable cost with the most effortless delivery.

Our range of assessments cover all areas of the employee lifecycle, with an assessment for each phase. The assessments are:

The behavioral Profiling is designed to help understand the behavioral preferences of an individual.

Behavior Profiling

Job Profiling is an integral part of the Leaderistiks system to help in identifying the right candidates for a job

Job Profiling

With the help of the Team & culture profile, teams can identify the right team behaviors as well as the identify gaps in the team

Team & Culture Profiling

The 360 feedback tool is designed to understand the strengths of an individual as perceived by others.



The EQ profile is designed to understand the emotional intelligence of an individual



The engagement profiling is designed to understand the drives of engagement in an organization



The cognitive ability profile is a means to assess an individual's cognition and also their response to trainings

Cognitive Ability Profiling

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Be certified in the use of the Leaderisitiks Methodologies. You will learn how predictive analytics can be used to make informed HR decisions.

Become a Certified Leaderistiks Practitioner






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