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Boards and individual directors have a critical role to play in the governance, risk and strategy oversight of their organisation. We help boards to think, plan and to navigate business challenges and opportunities effectively to ensure the sustainable growth.

As your board’s trusted advisor, we connect you to the most advanced insights into board effectiveness, help you craft creative solutions and strategies grounded in deep knowledge of best practice.

We provide constructive consultancy on:

  • Your board’s structure, composition, and diversity

  • Board processes and information flow

  • How behaviors and interpersonal relationships shape the quality of discussion and decision making

  • Your board’s ability to deal with key governance topics such as CEO and board succession, company strategy, culture, risk, and stakeholder relationships

Getting the technology right can be the start, or the end point, of a transformation.​

We provide expert advice on what Technology suits you and your needs the best

A company's technology  should support its business strategy, not constrain it. A.I. Mir focuses first on the strategic needs of client businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed and best suited to support their long-term goals.

  • digital strategy, digital transformation and digital roadmaps 

  • social media intelligence, research, diagnostics and monitoring to mitigate risk and competitive advantage 

  • customer experience management 

  • mobile application solutions – design and delivery 

  • web effectiveness and content management 

  • omni-channel strategy creation and execution 

  • new digital operating models and value chains 

  • digital risk management 

  • digital governance 

  • program and project management of digital initiatives.

Helping you with strategic decisions on Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)
M&A can accelerate growth by harnessing new ways of managing capital. While this may be a daunting task, we can help you by providing the right solutions and consulting in areas like:

  • M&A Strategy & Capability helps you improve your odds of successful deals by honing your M&A objectives, building your M&A team and capability, and ensuring you have a repeatable process.

  • Strategic Due Diligence provides a fact-based, rigorously quantified assessment that helps you ward off deal fever, spots synergies the market didn’t see and starts preparing you for integration long before your deal is inked.

  • Merger Integration helps you mitigate common risks and offers a systematic approach to managing change for your business, people and culture, ensuring results that exceed your deal expectations.

  • Divestiture Mobilization ensures that companies realize the highest-possible value from divestitures by helping them prepare the asset for sale, run a low-risk carve-out program and shape the remaining business to thrive post-transaction.

  • Spin-off Solution ensures that companies realize the highest-possible value from spin-offs by developing the spin-off thesis, ensuring robust spin-off and transaction plans, and setting up both companies for success.

  •  Joint Ventures and Alliances helps you maximize the value of your joint ventures and alliances and build the internal capabilities you need to support them.

Interested in our advisory services? Feel free to contact us.

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