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Objectives of the Job Profiling Program


The participants will learn:


  • To understand each Job fully

  • To understand the key components of the Job

  • To understand how to use Job Specifications in employment decisions

  • To redesign the organization structure if necessary

  • To be able to write Job Universes for employees of their respective organizations and put them to the following uses

Uses of The Job Profiling


  • Recruitment - the process of getting job applications

  • Assisting the candidates / employees to fully understand the role and its requirements

  • Selection - formulation of questionnaires for interviewing and testing skill set and behavior set requirements of the Job Training and Development - TNA

  • Performance Standardization

  • Performance Evaluation – how employee has performed against the Job Description, requirements

  • Promotion - can the employee do the higher Job Job Evaluation / Compensation

What Will You Gain?

At the end of the program you will gain:

  • Practical experience in Job profiling

  • An understanding of the needs, components, and various uses of Job Profiling in the workplace.

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