Making Training Stick
Written by Azfar
Saturday, 05 March 2011 12:18

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Event Date: November 9, 2011



Program Overview:

The participants enjoyed the training, but did it stick? Isn’t the true test of training whether they use it back on the job? This interactive session will help training instructors, designers, coaches, HR professionals, HR, learning and development managers understand the many aspects of the training transfer process and learn best practices for increasing the transfer of training. Participate in and learn Techniques to Integrate Education (TIEs), which are practical, low-budget, easy to use techniques for before, during and after training, that can be applied to new or existing learning content for any method of delivery.

Program Curriculum:

- Apply the Training Transfer Process to your learning and development activities.
- Use specific Techniques to Integrate Education (TIEs) for easy and effective transfer of training, with any content or delivery method.
- Develop and apply a customized action plan for putting training transfer best practices to use.

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